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Close-up of green, gold, and black ceramic work.

Settle in Sediment

Exhibited through VIBE Arts x Gardiner Museum's Community Art Space

Settle in Sediment draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of my Jamaican heritage to explore the profound connections between intuitive artistic expression, the cultural exports of coffee and sugar introduced by settlers, and the power of rooting oneself in natural elements and the land for holistic wellness.

“Settling” has diverse meanings, but I wish to highlight the references to determination, migration, and contemplation, as each component has sub\consciously informed the way I relate to my materials and community. The process of shaping clay becomes a sacred act of self-discovery in creative meditation, paying homage to Jamaica's resilient spirit forged through the trials and triumphs of the coffee trade. Rooted in nature's embrace, each piece resonates with the soothing energies of the earth, with clay serving as a reminder of the restorative power found in our environment. Gold adornments celebrate the triumphs and preciousness of becoming resilient as I embrace nature as a vital pathway to wellness and inner harmony.

Settle in Sediment: Project
Settle in Sediment: Portfolio
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