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Digital & Analog Collage

I enjoy experimenting with photomanipulation through manual layering of physical paper mediums and found objects, image scans of found media, and breathing new life into unfinished arts projects with visual remixing. 

Collage is a primary medium I use when exploring my identity as it relates to the symbolic recontextualization of perceived layers of existing. 

You Grow Through What You Go Through - 16x24.png
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Settle in Sediment - 2.png
Intersectional Empathy - 16x24.png

Persephone's Panganat

In Persephone’s Panganat, I share visual reflections exploring the journey of living within multiple identities as a child of Jamaican and Canadian descent. Living within two contrasting cultural experiences, I am constantly navigating the liminal space existing between Jamaican and Canadian identity.

Settle in Sediment

Settle in Sediment draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of my Jamaican heritage to explore the profound connections between intuitive artistic expression in ceramics and collage, the cultural exports of coffee introduced by settlers, and the power of rooting oneself in natural elements and the land for holistic wellness.

Nuit Blanche - The Nexus Cabaret

People are the heart of their communities and with Nuit Blanche's 2022 curatorial theme artists will focus on the connections across urban, polar and pacific landscapes revealing the space between us as a potential site for sharing knowledge. I created Gatekeeping & Sidewalks and Intersectional Empathy as a response to this imagined space.

Experience the Exhibit

Past, Present, Future

This series was created in JAYU's iAM Collaging Program where we were prompted to explore self portraits of past, present, and future self. I have always seen myself in a state of metamorphosis and I hope to one day be a soaring butterfly.

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